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Authoring Police Articles since 1989
Regular column, PoliceOne.com ("Weinblatt's Tips" and formerly "The
Police and the Press")
Regular column, PoliceLink.com ("Law Enforcement Career Expert")
Regular column, Lake Mary Life Magazine (FL)
Regular contributor "Police Examiner", National Edition, Examiner.com
Former columnist, Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management
(for a decade from 1991-2001) ("Reserve Report" column)
Former columnist, Officer.com ("Career Corner" & "Reserve Power")
Former columnist, Asheboro Courier-Tribune (NC)
Former Editorial Advisory Board, Law Enforcement Technology
Former Editor & President, "The Shield" Magazine, New Jersey Auxiliary
Police Officers Association, Inc.

Authored articles have appeared in:

American Police Beat
Corrections Technology & Management Magazine
Domestic Preparedness Journal
F.O.P. Journal
Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management
Law Officer Magazine
Narc Officer Magazine
Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine
Sheriff Magazine
The Shield
Richard Weinblatt's
March-April 1997
"Sheriffs Take on Rural Patrol Challenge",
featured him on the cover
when he was a Deputy Sheriff II. with the Patrol Division of
the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office in New Mexico.
PoliceLink.com April 18, 2011
"Five Must-Have Gadgets for Your Police Belt"

Examiner.com April 8, 2011
Pretend Police: Safety Tips for Drivers Being Stopped

PoliceLink.com March 29, 2011
"Warring Cops: Making Our Mission Even Tougher" Editorial

PoliceOne.com March 22, 2011
"How to protect your online reputation"

PoliceLink.com March 8, 2011
"Take Ownership of Your Professional Life"

"Social Media Safety in the Workplace: Tips to Protect Your Employees"
Winter 2011
Published multiple places including:
Inside Self-Storage:
National Mail Order Association:
Inside Business: The Hampton Roads Business Journal:
Advance for Hearing Practice Management:
TampaBay.com & The St. Petersburg Times:
Material Handling Wholesaler:
Contact Professional:
Tech Media's Tech Journal South:

PoliceLink.com December 6, 2010
“The Power of Positive Policing: How to Avoid the Negatives”

PoliceLink.com November 17, 2010
“Does Size Matter? Small Agencies: The Cop Career Gatekeepers”

PoliceLink.com November 1, 2010
PoliceLink Quiz: “Can You Get Past the Board?”

PoliceLink.com November 1, 2010
PoliceLink Quiz: “Quiz Answers: Can You Get Past the Board?

Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly Fall Quarter 2010
“Hiring A Police Expert? Five points to analyze”

PoliceLink.com October 18, 2010
“Off-Duty Policing: Should You or Shouldn’t You?”

PoliceLink.com October 13, 2010
“Tips to Avoid Force and Sex-Based Complaints”

PoliceLink.com September 14, 2010
“5 Must-Do Patrol Car Checks”

Lake Mary Life Magazine September/October 2010
“Back to School Safety Tips”

PoliceLink.com August 3, 2010
“Police Academy Self-Sponsorship: Jump Start Your Career”

PoliceLink.com July 20, 2010
“4 Crippling Leadership Mistakes”

Examiner.com June 27, 2010
"Reality TV show cop Betsy Brantner Smith: women police have come far"

Examiner.com June 27, 2010
"Detroit Police: proud of crime stat. murder rate drop"

Examiner.com June 24, 2010
"Experts question Joran van der Sloot's police blame game"

PoliceLink.com June 11, 2010
"You're In Trouble: Now What?"

PoliceOne.com June 5, 2010
"Police to Professor: Making the Move to Academia"

PoliceLink.com May 28, 2010
"10 Ways to Generate Complaints on Patrol"

PoliceLink.com April 22, 2010
"10 Rules for Police Resumes"

PoliceLink.com April 6, 2010
"10 Tips for Ride-Alongs"

PoliceLink.com March 11, 2010
"10 Tricks for Picking the Right Department"

Newark Advocate (OH) & NewarkAdvocate.com January 15, 2010
"Police Academy Students Pursuing their Dreams"

PoliceLink.com October 15, 2009
"The Bottom Line of Seat Belts for Law Enforcers"

PoliceLink.com October 1, 2009
"10 Domestic Violence Reminders for Veteran Officers"

PoliceLink.com September 2009
"Ten Tips for On Target Academy Firearms Training"

PoliceOne.com August 25, 2009
Weinblatt's Tips column: "Top 10 social networking tips for cops"

PoliceOne.com August 3, 2009
Weinblatt’s Tip column: “There’s a New Sheriff in this Media Town”

CNN AC360 Anderson Cooper blog (guest writer on Anderson Cooper’s
CNN.com blog) - July 30, 2009
“Gates, Crowley and The President: Calling it how I see it”

PoliceLink.com July 24, 2009
“Response to National Racial Debate: Gates, Crowley and the President”

PoliceLink.com January 2009
“Bad Credit, Bad Applicant”

Lake Mary Life Magazine January 2009
"Seven tips on making your home less attractive to burglars"

Lake Mary Life Magazine October 2008
"Seven tips on making holiday shopping safer"

Domestic Preparedness Journal September 10, 2008
“When Disaster Strikes: Gaining Peace of Mind”

PoliceLink.com August 25, 2008
“Professionalism: What Does Your Badge Stand For?”

PoliceOne.com August 22, 2008
Weinblatt’s Tips column: “P1 Exclusive: What law enforcement can learn from
the Caylee Anthony
Weinblatt/articles/1728471-P1-Exclusive-What- law-enforcement-can-learn-

PoliceLink.com August 2008
“Answering Common Oral Hiring Board Questions”

PoliceLink.com July 2008
“10 Tips for Mastering the Police Oral Board”
oral-board? comment_page=1

PoliceOne.com May 16, 2008
“National Police Week: Reflecting on our vulnerabilities”

PoliceLink.com April 2008
“Getting Serious About Joining the Force”

PoliceLink.com November 26, 2007
“Ten Tips for Dealing with the Opposite Sex”

PoliceLink.com November 20, 2007
“Surviving Your Prisoner Transport”

PoliceOne.com November 16, 2007
Weinblatt’s Tips column: “10 Taser tips for LEOs”

PoliceLink.com October 30, 2007
“Promotions: The Courses That Count”

PoliceLink.com July 2, 2007
“So you wanna be a cop… First impressions count!”

PoliceOne.com April 20, 2007
Weinblatt’s Tips column: “Tips for major incident media relations in the wake
of the Virginia Tech

PoliceOne.com February 16, 2007
Weinblatt's Tips column: "10 tips for officers engaged in off-duty incidents"
In the wake of the Salt Lake City mall shooting incident involving an off-duty
Ogden City Police officer, I spoke with one of our police academy recruit
classes.  As typical the almost 40 newly minted “blue
shirts” were eager to embark on their law enforcement careers and make a
difference.  They were eager to get involved and for most of them, that
included the notion of off-duty action to protect and serve.
READ MORE: http://www.policeone.

PoliceOne.com March 6, 2006
Weinblatt's Tips column: "PoliceOne Exclusive: Domestic disturbance
response: 10 tips for winning
at these volatile calls"
Around ten years ago, as a patrol division deputy sheriff with the Santa Fe
County Sheriff's Department in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I walked up some
porch stairs to knock on the door of a mobile home. Suddenly, I was tackled
on the front porch by a 175-pound sheet rock hanger who was annoyed that I
responded to the repeat domestic violence 911 calls to dispatchers that came
in while we were enroute.
READ MORE: http://www.policeone.

Officer.com March 6, 2006
Reserve Power column: "The Flip Side: Why Some Reserves Hate Cops"
Last month’s Reserve Power for Officer.com, “Why Some Cops Hate
Reserves,” was among the most read columns. I was inundated with emails
(some rather lengthy) which underscored that the topic hit a nerve with both
reservists and their full-time counterparts. This month’s column explores the
flip side: why some reserves hate the full-time officers they assist.
READ MORE: http://www.officer.com/article/article.jsp?

Officer.com February 17, 2006
Career Corner column: "How to Keep Your Boss Happy: How to acquire
power in the agency"
Whether it’s chief, sheriff, colonel, superintendent, director, or commissioner,
the top honcho in a law enforcement agency is the one that most law enforcers
want to impress. In short, they view their boss’
happiness as inextricably intertwined with theirs. In the police world’s career
oriented individual’s reality, the score is not kept so much as by the size of
year-end bonuses, like in the private sector; rather it is measured by the
acquisition of influence and proximity to those in power.
READ MORE: http://www.officer.com/article/article.jsp?

Officer.com February 6, 2006
Reserve Power column: "Why Some Cops Hate Reserves: A crack in the
police family"
We’ve all heard the names at one time or another: “rent-a-cop,” “wannabe,”
“2.5,” as well as a host of other derogatory terms. There has long been a
sense of friction between reserve and full-time officers
in many departments. That animosity rises to the level of hate and is more
pronounced in certain regions of the country. This Reserve Power column
examines why such negativity abounds.
READ MORE: http://www.officer.com/article/article.jsp?

PoliceOne.com January 16, 2006
The Police and the Press column: "Press releases: Used and abused"
Here is a very common question that I get from police chief and public
information officer (PIO) types: "What is the appropriate use of press releases
in police media relations?" Back in the '80s, when I owned a New York City
metro public relations firm, the use of press releases were the staple of the
much smaller media industry. But the rules have changed since then. This
Police and the Press column covers how and when you should use press
releases so that you do not use and abuse them or, for that matter, your media
READ MORE: http://www.policeone.

Officer.com January 12, 2006
Career Corner column: "Inside the FBI National Academy: The FBI NA and
Others are Key to
“Here’s what we think of your ##@@**!! yellow brick!” said the note on top
of the shoebox on top of the New Jersey police chief’s desk. He had returned
to his office only to find his coveted gold painted brick, which was awarded to
him when he completed the famed yellow brick road long distance run at the
end of his stint at the prestigious FBI National Academy, was smashed into
pieces. While the pulverized brick turned out to be a fake, substituted as part
of a practical joke by officers in his agency,
the pride he felt from having attended the FBI National Academy was
certainly real.
READ MORE: http://www.officer.com/article/article.jsp?

PoliceOne.com January 4, 2006
Weinblatt's Tips column: "Police officer suicide prevention: Officers kill
themselves at higher rate than general population"
The seasonal spike in suicides during the Christmas/New Years holiday period
is no secret to veteran law enforcement officers. What may come as a surprise
is the high number of officers that, to use the old phrase, "eat their gun." The
recent suicides of two New Orleans Police officers during the stresses of
Hurricane Katrina brought the topic into the news and public view. The
stressors of the holidays and police work form a deadly combination that
leads some officers to kill themselves.

PoliceOne.com January 3, 2006
Weinblatt's Tips column: "PoliceOne members respond"
As we start 2006, I thought it would be interesting for you to see a few of the
many emails that I have received this past year in response to my "Weinblatt's
Tips" column on PoliceOne.com. These emails present a unique opportunity
for all of us to learn from each other.

Officer.com January 2, 2006
Reserve Power column: "The Ultimate Sacrifice: Line of Duty Deaths
Underscore Officers’ Service"
Reserve Officer Russell Simpson was part of a group of officials in Bandon,
Oregon, attempting to rescue a thirteen-year-old boy from the ocean surf. The
51-year-old had served as a reserve for four years with the small, but close-
knit Bandon Police Department. The teen, along with others swept into the
currents, were rescued on that fateful December day in 2003. All that is
except for Simpson. Simpson was a retired firefighter with the Los Angeles
County Fire Department in California and drowned during his efforts to save
the teenager.
READ MORE: http://www.officer.com/article/article.jsp?

Officer.com December 16, 2005
Career Corner column: "Academic Jobs for the Cop: How to Land those
Teaching Gigs"
Many cops fantasize of retiring to that dream job in academia working 20
hours a week with students who hang on their every word Usually, that
fantasy is set in a more temperate climate where the sun never sets. For many
who pursue the ivory tower second career path, the cold wind of reality sets in
as they turn in their application. This Career Corner column focuses on how to
get those positions and what to expect when you get there. For reasons of
space, I’ll examine teaching opportunities in
community colleges, the most common setting.

PoliceOne.com December 14, 2005
Weinblatt's Tips column: "Creative cuffing for small-wristed subjects"
In defensive tactics for policing, we're always looking for ways to control (that
operative word is bolded on purpose) the behaviorally challenged individual.
Unfortunately, not all wrists come in a convenient size to fit our handcuffs.
Many people with slender wrists, particularly juveniles, are able to slip out of
the cuffs despite our best efforts to do the right things. This Weinblatt's Tips
column covers what you can do with creative cuffing to control escape-prone

Officer.com November 22, 2005
Reserve Power column: "The Original Homeland Security Force: For
volunteer cops, it's the same old 'thang'"
You’ll never guess who really is the original “homeland security” protection
force. Go ahead, try to guess. Long before homeland security became the
new catch phrase and the latest law enforcement trend, citizen officers
volunteered with little fanfare. Their buzzword was “reserves.”

PoliceOne.com November 21, 2005
Weinblatt's Tips column: "10 tips for talking with kids"
When responding to calls for police service, children can at times be our best
sources for information. Whether they are sought out as the only English
speaker in a foreign language speaking household to give an account of an
incident or they're a victim you need to speak with, the junior members of our
society can be a powerful addition to your case.

PoliceOne.com November 10, 2005
Weinblatt's Tips column: "Searching for a clue"
It happened on a building search call ten years ago. The lesson on the
importance of observation skills and other building search issues reinforced in
real life then is a story I use even today with basic law enforcement academy
students. Most people like a story and this one hits some key building search

PoliceOne.com November 10, 2005
Weinblatt's Tip column: "Death notifications: A tough police assignment"
Handling death notifications is a necessary part of the job that few law
enforcement officers enjoy. It can be traumatic for the officer, as well as for
the family members. Delivering a death message is a duty that is vitally
important with far-reaching ramifications in people's lives. Handled poorly,
extreme situations can develop. Family members and others advised of the
passing of a loved one can themselves become the object of a death
notification after they have committed suicide.

PoliceOne.com November 10, 2005
Weinblatt's Tips column: "Carrying a knife: Officer safety and administrative
The carrying of a knife by on duty law enforcement officers has become quite
widespread. Officers spend a lot of time reading through police and military
supply catalogs and comparing knives. Unfortunately, few officers have
contemplated a host of issues that come with the packing of the edged

PoliceOne.com November 10, 2005
Weinblatt's Tips column: "10 ways to minimize complaints"
Countless times I have dealt with citizens who came to my office with
complaints regarding the conduct of law enforcers in my agency. While many
of them turned out to be unfounded after an investigatory look, a few citizen
initiated objections are grounded in misunderstanding and even some truth.

PoliceOne.com November 10, 2005
Weinblatt's Tip column: "Firearms training: train like you play"
As a firearms instructor, I have noticed a vast difference between veteran
police officers and deputy sheriffs who take range qualifications and training
time seriously and those who merely view it as a chore to get done with and
move on. While the shooting techniques themselves may be okay and get
them through yet another re-qualification stint, it seems that some gun toting
law enforcers take shortcuts in these sessions that could impact their survival.

PoliceOne.com November 10, 2005
Weinblatt's Tips column: "Crime scenes: stopping the evidence eradication
I remember years ago standing guard on a crime scene and hearing detectives
lament that the "evidence eradication gremlins have been here." They were
referring to first responders. Firefighters and EMS personnel handling
emergency medical response to a patient (no offense to them as they are doing
a necessary job) have particularly been long joked about in police circles as
being "evidence eradication gremlins."

PoliceOne.com October 26, 2005
Tip: "Returning DL can help avoid consent problems"
Vehicle searches are conducted on a daily basis by police officers, deputy
sheriffs, and state troopers on roadways throughout the country.  And every
day defense lawyers are successful in getting judges to suppress evidence
obtained by showing that the vehicle operator's consent to search was not

The Orlando Sentinel (daily newspaper Orlando, Florida) October 19, 2005
Editorial: "A rip in fabric that holds law enforcement together"
Like many Americans, I watched with great interest, and with increasing
anger, the recent beating of a 64-year-old retired schoolteacher on the streets
of New Orleans. The glare of the public eye almost wasn't there. A New
Orleans police horse appeared to be made to walk backward, apparently to
the probing eye of the TV camera.
READ MORE: (Click on link above).

PoliceOne.com October 19, 2005
The Police and the Press column: "The absence of a police marketing
In a February 1992 media relations article I wrote for Law and Order
Magazine, then captain and now retired police chief Frederick A. Thompson
of the South Brunswick Township (NJ) PD lamented the fact
that the "police haven't learned to market themselves."  The absence of a
police marketing mentality was true in 1992, and I think it is still the case in

Officer.com October 19, 2005
Career Corner column: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Online College
Whether in New Mexico, North Carolina, or Florida, you can hear the same
concern aired by veteran police officers and deputy sheriffs nationwide: they
need college education to compete for promotions,
but their rotating schedules slow down their eagerness to get back into a
traditional college environment. Heavily marketed online college degrees seem
to be the answer to many, but it is not a path to be taken without some
knowledge of the online education industry.

PoliceOne.com October 12, 2005
Officer Safety Tip: "Officer safety: It's not just an on-duty thing"
So much is written in this and other venues regarding officer safety.  It's also a
topic that police trainers cover extensively.  Even with the popularity of of the
officer safety topic, many law enforcers end their officer safety thinking when
they're off the clock.  As with other tactical issues in law enforcement,
planning is the key to successfully accomplishing the public safety mission.  
Here are some officer safety issues to consider in your off-duty life:

PoliceOne.com October 3, 2005
Training Tip: "AlcoSensor breath samples: How to tell if your subject is
As a former patrol division deputy sheriff in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I, as well
as any other officer who has conducted countless DUI arrests, can fairly state
that drunks often do not cooperate with our examination procedures.  One
problem that comes up is determining whether subjects are really blowing hard
enough to submit a sample into the Intoxilyzer Inc. AlcoSensor handheld

PoliceOne.com September 26, 2005
Officer Safety Tip: "The forgotten piece of equipment: handcuffs"
Many of us in law enforcement remember to maintain our firearms.  As a
firearms instructor, I'm part of that group of trainers that has hammered the
message home.  Unfortunately, few remember to check our less glamorous
piece of equipment: our handcuffs.  

PoliceOne.com September 19, 2005
Officer Safety Tip & Training Tip: "Intersection safety for backup units"
When I teach Vehicle Operations in the Basic Law Enforcement Academies, I
tell the recruits that the second police vehicle through the intersection during a
priority run or pursuit is not the safer one; rather
it is the more dangerous place to be.  Drivers hear the sirens and see the
patrol car go through and then assume the coast is clear.  They are not looking
for and often do not hear the second responding unit.

PoliceOne.com August 30, 2005
The Police and the Press column: "Putting a human face on the police: Making
an emotional
The first "Police and The Press" column for PoliceOne.com covered the
concept of putting a face on the image in the mirror. This fourth column goes a
step further in calling for that face to be a human one.

PoliceOne.com May 24, 2005
The Police and the Press column: "P1 Exclusive: Ten Tips for Working with
the Media"

PoliceOne.com April 4, 2005
The Police and the Press column: "How History Makes the Future of Police
Media Relations Clearer"

PoliceOne.com April 28, 2004
The Police and the Press column: "The Image in the Mirror: The Enemy has a

The Courier-Tribune (daily newspaper Asheboro, North Carolina) Friday,
April 23, 2004 Guest Column:
"Appreciation for a job well done"

American Police Beat April 2004
"How to give yourself a good shot at the job: Don't shoot yourself in the foot
before you even get to the

The Courier-Tribune (daily newspaper Asheboro, North Carolina) Sunday,
January 4, 2004
Guest Column: "Understanding your partnership with your police"

Sheriff Magazine January-February 2003
"Sheriffs' Psychologists: The Ultimate Backup for the Progressive Sheriff's

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management May 2001
"Alaska's Reserves Brave the Elements"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management March 2001
"Honolulu Reserves Shine in the Sun"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management January 2001
"Reserves Aid Rural Counties"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management May 2000
"Departmental Gyms Become Fitness Rooms: Final Phase in a Holistic Fitness

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management May 2000
"Beyond Hurricanes: Riots, Bombings are 21st Century Reserve Duties"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 2000
"Solving High Tech Crimes: Private and Public Sector Partnerships"

Corrections Technology & Management Magazine March/April 2000

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management March 2000
"Shifting Motivations: Community Service Gives Ground to Aspiring

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management February 2000
"Creative Funding Makes AEDs a Reality in Patrol Cars"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management January 2000
"Volunteers Assist in Private/Public Sector Partnership

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management December 1999
"The Paramilitary vs. Academic Training Debate"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management December 1999
"Managing Off-Duty Jobs: A Clear Policy Is The Key To Success"

Corrections Technology and Management Magazine November/December
"So You Want To Be a Volunteer Probation Officer"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management November 1999
"Bridging Gaps in Assignments: Villa Park Fills in with Auxiliary and Part-time

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management October 1999
"IACP Conference 1999: Charlotte: The Queen City"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management October 1999
"Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police: 21st Century Technology and Community

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management October 1999
"The Shifting Landscape of Chief Jobs: What's Changed and How to Forge a

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management September 1999
"Agencies Look to Year 2000: Assess Y2K Options"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management September 1999
"Volunteer SPCA Officers: Working with Local Police to Protect Animals"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management August 1999 "Special
Report: New Training
Concept: New Police Training Philosophy: Adult Learning Model on Verge of
Nationwide Rollout" (Also
see sidebar Story Below)

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management August 1999 "RCMP
Takes Learning to the
Streets" (Sidebar Story to Above Article)

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management August 1999
"The Evolution of Police Footwear: It is the Era of Air Jordans and
Bloodborne Pathogens"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management July 1999
"Deploying Reserves: Going Solo or with Another Officer Among Patrol

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management June 1999
"Holding onto a Knowledgeable Resource"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management May 1999
"Discovering a Valuable Asset: Reserve Search and Rescue Units"

Corrections Technology & Management Magazine November/December
"So, you want to be a volunteer probation officer"

Corrections Technology & Management Magazine October 1998
"Come Fly With Me: Feds Take to the Air to Help Locals with Safe,
Economical Inmate Moves"

Corrections Technology & Management Magazine May/June 1998
"Point-Counterpoint: Weighing in on Privatization"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management May 1998
"Changing the Corporate Culture: How One State Agency Took on the

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 1998
"Federal Reserves: Special Deputy U.S. Marshal Myths Busted"

Corrections Technology & Management Magazine March 1998
"Locals Get A Piece of the Action from Uncle Sam: Strapped Jails Turn
Finances Around:
Facilities Garner Federal Prisoners and Dollars"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management February 1998
"Reserve Expertise Makes Air Support A Reality"

Corrections Technology & Management Magazine February 1998
"Point-Counterpoint: Showdown in the Arizona Desert: Maricopa County's
Tent City Jail"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management December 1997
"Negative Perceptions Common: Regulars Question Value of Reserves"

Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine October 1997
So You Wanna' Be a Police Chief: Aspiring to the Top Rank of Law
Enforcement Today Takes
More Experience, Training, Education, Skills, and Political Savvy Than Ever

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management September 1997
"Academies Put Civilians in the Shotgun Seat: Law Enforcement Takes
Community Policing to
the Next Level"

American Police Beat June 1997
"Is The Grass Greener at the Aurora, Colorado Police Department?"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Law Enforcement Management June 1997
"Riding with Reserve FTOs: Field Training Programs Vary in Different
Departments for Reserve
Officer Recruits"

Sheriff Magazine March-April 1997
"Sheriffs Take on Rural Patrol Challenge"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 1997
"Special Report: Bicycles: More Than Just a Balancing Act"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 1997
"Rank Insignia for Reserves: Debate Revolves Around Public Perception and
Officer Acceptance"

American Police Beat March 1997
"The Paychecks are High and So Is Morale"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management March 1997
"Special Report: S.W.A.T.: Counseling and Support for S.W.A.T. Personnel"

Sheriff Magazine January-February 1997
"Sheriffs Find Innovative Solutions: Providing Jail Medical Services with
Limited Funds"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management December 1996
"Advice for Reserves: The Reserves' Legal Eagles and Insurance Icons Weigh

Police: The Law Officer's Magazine October 1996
"Have Gun, Will Travel: Gaining Certification in the New Frontier"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management September 1996
"Reserve Duties Vary in the Bay State: Massachusetts Officers Wear Many

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 1996
"Reserve Officers Man Boats: Turnover is Low for Police on the 'Baywatch'

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management March 1996
"Reserves Patrol on Bicycles: This New Breed is Cutting a Wide Path as they
Pedal Forth"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management November 1995
"Take-Home Cars for Reserves: Officer Effectiveness and Community
Presence Enhanced by

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management August 1995
"A Class Act: University Police Reserves Pass the Test of Professionalism"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 1995
"N. Carolina Reserves Among Top Ranked: Volunteers Find the Sweat and
Hard Work are Worth It"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management February 1995
"P.E.P. Program: Part-Time Officer Training in Illinois"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management December 1994
"Liaison Officers: A Vital Link in a Reserve Operation"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management September 1994
"Oral Boards Go High-Tech"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management August 1994
"Police Footwear Meets the 'Reebok Generation'"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management August 1994
"Battle Dress Utility"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management June 1994
"Seasonal Reserves: Part-time Paid Personnel Fill in the Gaps"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 1994
"Reserves, Regulars and Regulators: How They Work Together in New

The Narc Officer & National F.O.P. Journal March/April 1994
"Reserve Heroes"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management February 1994
"Reserves Mount Up: Provide Services Otherwise Curtailed"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management December 1993
"Professionalism Reduces Liability: Trained Reserves Make Positive

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management October 1993
"Reserves Excel in the Sunshine State: Training Exceeds Standards"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management August 1993
"Reserve Data Available: New Book Provides Everything You'll Want to

Police: The Law Officer's Magazine July 1993
"Credence & Credibility: Training, Selection Standards, and Liability Still Top
The List of Concerns About Reserve Officers.  Increased Professionalism,
However, Has Brought Increased Respect"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management June 1993
"Reserve Motorcycles: A Positive Public Relations Impact"

21st Century Policing Summer 1993
"Volunteer Officers and Community Policing"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management April 1993
"Reserve Detectives"

The F.O.P. Journal Spring/Summer 1993
"Reserve Policing: Stepping Stone to a Career"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management February 1993
"'Freelance' Reserves"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management December 1992
"Reserve Wildlife Officers: A Different Breed"

Law and Order: The Magazine for Police Management October 1992
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"We sincerely appreciate Richard's continuing contribution to
"Law and Order."  His timely and well developed articles and
regular column on Reserve Officer activities... have helped make
this publication a leader in the field."

Bruce W. Cameron
Editorial Director
Law and Order Magazine
Wilmette, IL

"Richard has proved himself as a valuable asset to our
publication.  There are few law enforcement authors I trust to
make assignments to, knowing his end product requires only a
brief review by me or my staff.  And when you equate that with
time saved, Richard's efforts are truly appreciated.  I would like
to have more writers of the same caliber."

Randall C. Resch
Police Magazine
Carlsbad, CA

"Richard's hard work for four years on "The Shield" Magazine
and the NJAPOA was clear to all the members.  He built the
magazine from the ground up and the publication helped establish
the association as a bonified and respected member of the New
Jersey police community."

Frank Rizzo
New Jersey Auxiliary Police Officers Association, Inc.
Monmouth Jct., NJ