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The Cop Doc radio show gets you behind the locked
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of Police & Crime.

College Dean, justice expert, former police instructor/academy director, and ex
police chief, Dr. Weinblatt has been interviewed on law enforcement issues by
local and national media including AP, CBS News, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and The
Washington Post. He has written for PoliceLink.com, PoliceOne.com, Officer.
com, Law and Order Magazine, Police Magazine, and others.
May 12- Officer.com Website Changes with Officer.com
Editor-in-Chief Frank Borelli and star columnist retired
sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith.  The panel will discuss
updates to the website an the latest law enforcement
May 5- Reserve Police Officer on Volunteer and Part-
time law enforcement.  Known as reserve, auxiliary,
special, supernumerary, intermittent, etc. (depending on
the local preferences), the expert panel includes retired
lieutenant colonel of the Florida Highway Patrol
Auxiliary and president of the Volunteer Law
Enforcement Officers Alliance David Rayburn, chief of
the Orange County, FL, Sheriff's Office Reserves Tom
Harrier, and Auxiliary Captain Marc Spigel of the
Framingham, MA, Police Auxiliary.  Also discussed is Dr.
Richard Weinblatt's new website on reserve and auxiliary
officers:  www.PoliceReserveOfficer.com.
April 28- Blogtalkradio Justice with radio show hosts PI
Window on Business' Jon Hansen and Think Like a
Black Belt's Jim Bouchard who also team host The 49th
Parallel Show.  Topics include Marijuana leglalizion,
Casey Heynes and bullying, and assisted suicide.
April 21- Casey Anthony case legal update with legal
eagles Holly Hughes, Ray Giudice, and Anne Bremner
and a second segment on the unveiling of the new Taser
X2 with Taser International vice president Steve Tuttle.
April 14 - Shoot to Wound with use of force expert Roy
Bedard, John Jay College of Criminal Justice's Dr. Maki
Haberfeld, and famed private investigator Vito Colucci.
April 7- Online Reputation Policing based on PoliceOne.
com article with Reputation Defense Online's Bruce
March 31 - Policing Japan's Crisis with John Jay
College of Criminal Justice's Dr. Maki Haberfeld and
University of New Mexico's Dr. Aki Roberts.
March 24 - Cops Turned Authors with Stacy Dittrich,
John M. Wills, and Raymond E. Foster.
March 17 - Crazies & Cops with More Than A Cops'
Althea Olson, LCSW, Officer Mike Wasilewski, MSW,
and Dr. Brian Kinnaird.
March 10 - Jennifer Kesse update on missing Orlando
woman with her father, Drew Kesse.
February 24 - New Media & Police ON LOCATION
special edition with fellow instructor Roy Bedard at
Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)-
sponsored "Managing the Middle" police media course
hosted at Broward County Sheriff's Office in Fort
Lauderdale, FL.

June 8 - Sheryl McCollum and Cold Case Investigations
June 10 - Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
June 15 - Meet true crime radio phenom Levi Page
June 17 - Inside Peru Prisons & Joran Van Der Sloot
with International Lawyer Michael Griffith of the
Midnight Express case
June 22 - Police Academy Success with Roy Bedard, Dan
Hare, Mark Prince
June 24 - Women in Policing with J.D. Buck Savage's
Betsy Brantner Smith
June 29 - The P.I. Biz, Career, & Cases with high profile
private investigators Vito Colucci and T.J. Ward
July 1 - Police & Lawyers with Defense Attorney Ray
Giudice, Former Prosecutor Robin Sax, and deputy
sheriff/attorney David Lane
July 6 - Meet Buck Savage interview with police training
icon Dave Smith
July 8 - TV Crime Talkers with Ray Giudice, Sheryl
McCollum, and Holly Hughes
July 13 - Police & Criminal Psychology with
psychologist/attorney Dr. Brian Russell and former
deputy sheriff Dr. Brian Kinnaird
July 15 - The Big Police Websites with gurus Chris
Cosgriff from PoliceLink.com and Doug Wyllie from
July 20- Domestic Violence and Homicide with
"Intimate Partner Homicide co-hosts Sheryl McCollum
and Susan Murphy Milano.
July 22- Officer Down! with Officer Down Memorial
Page (ODMP) Chris Cosgriff, Dave (J.D. "Buck"
Savage) Smith, and Concerns of Police Survivors
(COPS) Suzie Sawyer.
July 27- Crimetime Media with Criminal Profiler Pat
Brown, Attorney Holly Hughes, and true crime radio
host Levi Page.
July 29- Women as Victims? with retired police sergeant
Betsy Brantner Smith, Annie Jacoby, and Steve Kardian.
August 3- Crime Victims with crime writer and former
cop Stacy Dittrich and Dan Harrington, father of
Morgan Harrington.
August 5- Cops & Tech. on police and crime technology
with tech writers and editorial honchos Officer.com's
Frank Borelli and PoliceOne.com's Doug Wyllie.
August 10- Police & Video with Anthony Graber case
Maryland ACLU attorney David Rocah and police
expert Roy Bedard.
August 12- Police Website Gurus' Roundtable with
editors PoliceLink.com Chris Cosgriff, PoliceOne.com
Doug Wyllie, Officer.com Frank Borelli, and LawOfficer.
com Dale Stockton.
August 17- Case Building, Investigation, & Prosecution
with Cold Case Investigative Institute director Sheryl
McCollum and former prosecutor Holly Hughes.
August 19- Pat Brown on Non-stranger Danger.
August 24- Cop Marriages, Relationships & Dating with
married police expert trainers Dave (J.D. Buck Savage)
Smith and Betsy Brantner Smith and married therapists
Officer Mike Wasilewski, MSW, and Althea Olson
Wasilewski, LCSW.
August 26- Meet Ray Giudice, Criminal Defense Lawyer.
August 31- Police Pursuits with police pursuit expert
Captain Travis Yates and PursuitWatch,org president
John Phillips.
September 2- The Sherman-Colucci Partnership with
famed attorney Mickey Sherman and private investigator
Vito Colucci.
September 7- In the Line of Duty Meet Ron Barber.
September 9- Koran Burning & Cops with Officer.com
editor Frank Borelli, attorney Ray Giudice, and police
expert Roy Bedard.
September 14- Dexter Copycat: Media and Murder with
former star of "COPS," "Scariest Police Chases," and
"American Detective" retired Sheriff John Bunnell,
former prosecutor Holly Hughes, and police expert Roy
September 21- Police Suicides with psychologist and
former deputy sheriff Brian Kinnaird, National Police
Suicide Foundation executive director and retired
Baltimore police officer Robert E. Douglas Jr., Officer
Mike Wasilewski, MSW, and Althea Olson, LCSW
September 23- Innocent! with criminal defense attorney
Ray Giudice and Lisa Borden.
September 30- Behind the FBI Shield with former FBI
special agents John M. Wills and Herman Groman.
October 7, 2010- Cops & College with Ben Hunter,
Chair of the Public Safety Committee for Indianapolis
and police expert Roy Bedard.
October 14, 2010- Police & Videotaping: The Graber
Case Revisited with Maryland ACLU attorney David
Rocah, police expert Roy Bedard and Seattle attorney
Anne Bremner.
October 21- Cop in the Hood with criminal justice
professor and author Dr. Peter Moskos who talked about
his time as a Baltimore Police officer and what he thinks
of the war on drugs.
October 28- Buck and the Sarge in Bulgaria with police
trainer and retired sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith who
talked about the trip she and Dave (J.D. Buck Savage)
Smith took to Bulgaria and Macedonia to hold their
Calibre Press Street Survival course for police officers in
those countries.
November 4- IACP Conference Recap on the
International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference
with police expert Roy Bedard, police trainer Betsy
Brantner Smith, and Officer.com editor Frank Borelli.
November 11- NO SHOW SCHEDULED due to business
trip to Cincinnati, OH to give presentation to annual
meeting of Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys.
November 18- Ask The Cop Doc with Dr. Richard
Weinblatt answering common listener and chat room
participant questions on police internal affairs, police
academies, law enforcement careers, search and seizure,
use of force, deadly force, and Taser.
November 25- NO SHOW SCHEDULED due to
Thanksgiving Holiday.
December 2- Abusive Cops Video with PoliceAbuse.com
CEO and former Hawthorne, CA, Police sergeant Diop
Kamau and police expert Roy Bedard discussing Kamau
controversial use of video tape to catch law enforcers
abusing their authority.  Featured a surprise guest
appearance by famed private investigator Vito Colucci,
December 9- Young Media Crime Fighters with popular
true crime Blogtalkradio.com show host Levi Page, of
"The Levi Page Show" and HLN's "Issues with Jane
Velez Mitchell," and award winning journalist and
filmaker Joseph Fenity.
December 16- Officers Killed and the Below 100
Initiative with 32 year California law enforcement
veteran and Editor of LawOfficer.com and Law Officer
Magazine Dale Stockton and former police sergeant and
co-president of Lexipol, LLC, Gordon Graham.
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